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I am particularly strong in full-stack web development using frameworks like Next.js, and have a track record of great outcomes in native Android development. I like the design part of development as well as the backend, because that puts the focus back on end user. I am very adaptive, having performed well in both team and independent professional and leadership environments. I understand business as well as I do code, and thrive in the intersection of the two.

AXO Formal 2021


DePauw University
BA, Computer Science + Economics minor
Aug 2019 - May 2023
New College, University of Oxford
Visiting Student, International Business and Creative Writing
Sep 2022 - Dec 2022
In Detail
United States of America


7:44:03 PM EST

my mantras

do not reinvent the wheel
Embrace existing libraries and approaches — utilizing available resources is as vital as innovation.
mvp first
Begin with simplicity — add bells and whistles only when necessary.
full stack always
Be BOTH the jack and master of all trades.
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my tech stack

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like getting a large iced latte with friends
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listen to the most basic pop music
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binge watch tv shows in bed
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